Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big News!!'s what you think it is!

A big, fat plus sign on a home pregnancy test........

Can you believe this, at our ages?????

Neither can we.........

Not sure if we should laugh or cry............

Guess we'll laugh................

Because it's APRIL FOOLS'.....Gotcha!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two big kids, two totally different Spring Breaks!

Sam spent his spring break on a solo trek around the Pacific Northwest. First, stopped in Boise for a quick overnight and then off to ski near the Gorge and then on to Portland to visit a friend. Spent a couple of days camping out and touring the Pacific coast to Seattle. Had a great time seeing the sights with another friend, then over to Moscow (another friend) and then back to Boise to spend another night. Off to Pocatello on Sunday to ski the fresh powder!! Life is GOOD!!!
Abbey was "ALL VEGAS" baby!!!! She went with her good friend Jen and spent the week being pampered, eating good food, sleeping late and hitting all the hottest clubs. Oh, to be young again!
Both had a great time and would do it again..........

Spring Break Activities

Brian and Dylan getting their game faces on!

Isaac and Claire "Bowling for Bragging Rights".

Dylan, honing her Olympic pose for the podium at the Winter Olympics.

Claire, getting ready to bust out the famous "Triple Organic Flying Asparagus".

Mom, trying not to fall and injure one of the children!!

C'mon Summer!!

Who wouldn't marry this guy?!

Anyone who knows Brian knows that he loves to cook and create new menu items. But, unless you live with him, you may not know that he also creates a huge mess anytime he ventures into the kitchen. Apparently he thinks he's the "Iron Chef" and that the crew will come in behind him and clean up the havoc. So.....the oven was in dire need of a cleaning, not the kind that can be handled by the "self-cleaning" feature.

The fumes eventually overcame him and I ended up with the clean-up. Still, he really was trying to do the right thing!!